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5 Days on the Money Frequency 

with Coach Paula 

If I could show you a way to quickly and easily double the revenues in your business, would you want to know about it?

Well, I can.  

I've done it myself.

And so have many of my clients.

The secret?

Two simple words: Money Frequency


(First Love Yourself)

My Brand-new Membership Program That Helps
Coaches, Business Owners and Service Providers
Establish A Daily Practice Of Self-love
So They Can Grow Their Businesses With Ease
And Improve Every Other Area Of Their Life

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Celebrate the ultimate mood booster!

The Ultimate Gratitude Planner is here to help you create a happy, heart-centered life that reflects all of your dreams. You can take charge of an exceeded future with gentle prompts and creative exercises throughout the planner. It has everything you need for success including journal pages, affirmations, goal-setting activities, mindfulness tools and daily inspirations to love yourself first so everything else can follow suit.

40 pages (plus cover)! Instant Download

You deserve to FLY!!! First Love Yourself Daily Routine

Normally, the package is $49.95 but for a limited time, it is $19.95.

📹 5 Minute Meditation Video- Take time for yourself every day and the best way to do that is to take 5-minute Meditation
📗First Love Yourself (FLY) Journal-Quotes, daily exercises, 30-day challenge self-care challenge, coloring pages, weekly task, and habit tracker.
📩 For 180 days (6 months) you will get a DAILY EMAIL- with an affirmation for you to repeat to yourself that day.
👩‍💻1x1 Coaching Call with Coach Paula Bohland to talk about your Self Love Journey and create a PLAN!
These are tools to help you LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!

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I put together an online event called FEMPIRE. The event was phenomenal and amazing. We ended up putting together the FEMPIRE, a women lead, real estate investment group packed with powerful sisterhood, love and authenticity. 

The FEMPIRE has real energy, it is literally vibrating with energy the feeling of feminine power.  If you would like to watch the event- we have the 3 days on video! 

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Coach Paula's Chats

Mindset Mastermind on Clubhouse

Monday-Friday at 9am ET- Join Clubhouse 

Coach Paula Show

Every Tuesday at 5:30 pm ET she will go LIVE in FLY Facebook Group- Join today. 


These are YOURS to download for Free! 

75 Ways To Fly- First Love Yourself

Print out and start picking activities for you do! 

Money Manifestation Blueprint

Having Money issues- download this freebie today! 


These are courses you can take anytime- self paced! 

Boost Your Money Mojo

Discover How Changing Your Mind About Money Will Allow You Become a Money Magnet- FAST

Mind Your Own Business 



Private Facebook Groups- Monthly Subscription 

More Memberships Coming 


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