Why Taking "Massive Action" Is NOT The Best Way To Grow Your Business


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The Little Known Secret to Attracting a Strong and Steady Stream of Clients into Your Business minus All of the Stress, Frustration and Overwhelm

Attn: Consultants, Coaches, & Service Providers,

➤ Are you feeling completely lost and overwhelmed because you have no clear idea how to get a strong and steady stream of clients?

➤ Are you frustrated because you think you have to spend tons of money (that you don't have) in order to scale your business?

➤ Do you find yourself always worrying about money in general?

➤ Do you feel confused because you have no clear idea what your message should be?

➤ Do you feel hopeless and think it's extremely difficult if not impossible to grow your business because of Covid 19 and the economy? 

➤ Do you find yourself taking jobs or working with clients you hate because you're desperate for the money?

➤ Are you always comparing yourself with those who are succeeding faster than you and wonder why you can't be more like them?

➤ Do you beat yourself up all the time when things don't go well for you?

If you answered "Yes" to even one of the above questions, then you need to read this message. 

Because in the next 5 minutes, I'm gonna let you in on a secret that’s helped me go from flat broke to building a multi-6-figure coaching business in less than 2 years. 

 Yes, there is a PROVEN METHOD of scaling your business from ground zero without needing a lot of money, without having to sell your soul, and without having to work yourself into the ground.

After many years of blood, sweat, tears, trial and error, here's what I've learned.

The best way to get a steady stream of clients is…

...to be who you really are, who you were designed to be, and to deliver the unique gifts that only you can deliver.

That's it!

That's the simple secret. 

Still, as simple as it is, because of all of the negative conditioning we've been exposed to over the years by society, our parents and our school teachers, actually putting this idea into practice can be extremely difficult.

However, I'm happy to say, I've got a way to make it easy for you.

But before I share more, let me quickly introduce myself.

PB Headshot

I'm a Master Business Coach and I'm on a fire-breathing mission to help frustrated Coaches, Consultants, and Service Providers get a strong, steady stream of clients by leveraging the best asset they already have in their possession: THEMSELVES.

Once I teach my clients how to tap into their own intuition and embrace their flaws, messes and weaknesses instead of always trying to hide them in shame, they end up attracting their ideal clients at a pace so fast it makes their heads spin.

And then as a result, they normally go on to double (or even triple) their incomes to the point where every time they go to the bank to make a deposit, the teller is probably scratching his head wondering what in the world my clients do for a living.

So what makes my coaching so darn different and so much more effective than everyone else out there?

To answer that question, let me let you in on a dirty little secret of the personal development and coaching industry that the gurus do NOT want you to know about.

Statistically speaking, out of all the people who enroll in courses or take coaching programs on how to build their own business or become a successful coach or consultant, the number of those who actually succeed is in the single digits.

Sad but true.

But why is this?

The answer is surprisingly simple.

Most programs out there just teach you how to be a cheap imitation of the guru who's teaching the course...but there's no authenticity in that.

In other words, most programs promote an outside-in approach.

However, the power of your life and the work you were born to do is not in outside things-like your website, manipulative strategies or tactics, or fancy pants promotions.

You've got to stop trying to be like everyone else and learn to be yourself.

That's why I base my coaching on 2 really important things.

Tapping into your own unique intuition


Bringing authentic joy back into your life.

When you incorporate these 2 things into your life, the results can be downright jaw-dropping astonishing.

Would you like to get a taste of this?

Well, here's what I've got for you.

Kicking off on Monday, April 26th...


5 Day Challenge (1)

🌟✨🌟By Leveraging Your #1 Asset =YOU🌟✨🌟


My new 5-day challenge that helps Consultants, Coaches and Service Providers who are struggling to scale get a strong, steady stream of new business by showing them how to turn their problems, messes and setbacks into a Million Dollar Message that naturally attracts their ideal clients.

FACEBOOK CHALLENGE April 26 -30th at 4:30 pm ET 

Reserve your spot TODAY!








Paula Bohland Coaching

“In less than two weeks, I've been able to implement practical tips given to me by Paula, which anyone can apply, and have already seen my business grow and income increase. Paula is a breath of fresh air, one which was badly needed in my stale business practices and mindset.”

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Paula Bohland Coaching

“Working with Paula saved our business. I'm convinced.
Yeah, and I'm not exaggerating either.
We are more focused than we ever have been.
And I'm convinced that it's because of working with her.”

Brand Marketing Strategist & Coach at Pentad Creative

Paula Bohland Coaching

“Paula, it is amazing! I have got to talk to you! It’s just so amazing what’s been happening. I’m just so grateful. I literally hit the 10K mark. That’s something to really rejoice about. I mean literally in the bank account. It happened guys!”

Real Estate Investor ForEx Currency Trader, YouTuber

Paula Bohland Coaching

“ I highly recommend hiring Paula to get yourself on track and be your accountability partner. She has made a huge difference to me and my success. Despite 2020 being so challenging with Covid, I've managed to get a website built, become a published author, speak a couple of dozen times and raise over $15,000 for my nonprofit not to mention many other smaller achievements.”

Public Motivational Speaker, Author, Vision Trip Coordinator

Here's What You're Going To Get in...
Become A Client Magnet In 5 Days

Turning Your Mess Into A Million Dollar Message

💥How to use your life experience to become a beacon of hope to others so you can attract your ideal clients (those who most strongly resonate with you).

💥How to take all of your failures, messes and setbacks and use them as the foundation to create messages that inspire and draw others to you. 

💥How to stop seeing your past failures as something to hide but instead learn to begin viewing them with pride and those wounds of honor that contributed to your positive growth as a human being.

Tapping Into Universal Assistance

💥Learn how to send out a signal that attracts those 5 star clients who you really want to work with and more importantly repels those clients who you do NOT want to work with (what I call "Clients from hell").

💥Get my signature technique for overcoming overwhelm no matter how busy you are.  This will guarantee you make strong and steady progress in a relaxed, peaceful, and fun manner towards your goals no matter how many things you've got written down on your to-do list.

💥Tap into universal assistance so you can surrender all of that other stuff (the 20 billion things you've got written down on your to-do list) to a higher power and then watch the miracles unfold as they magically get done.  You may be thinking this is just a bunch of woo-woo nonsense but don't knock it until you try it.

Wave the Magic Wand-Getting Clients Now

💥Learn practical ways to get clients today (not tomorrow or a week later) so easily, you won't have to worry about money any more.  When you have the security of knowing you can find clients on demand anytime, life becomes just that more enjoyable.

💥How to tap into a network of resources that are literally sitting there right in front of your eyes such as family, friends, summits, Meetups, Facebook Challenges (like this one!), and Podcasts etcetera.

💥If you're just starting out, get your first client during the week of the challenge (or at least soon after the Challenge ends).  This is my sincere intention for you during our time together.  While of course I can't make any guarantees because I don't know you or if you're going to commit 100%, I can say this: if you sincerely follow through with the daily action steps I'll be giving you, it would be more difficult to NOT get a client than to get one

Becoming A Super Conductor Magnet

💥How to develop your personal brand so that clients come to you, instead of you having to go hunt them down yourself like some sleazy credit card debt collector who calls you every other day.  This is really the secret sauce when it comes to effortless prosperity.

💥You'll begin attracting clients that fit your offer, your uniqueness, and your personality so strongly, it won't even seem like work anymore.  It'll almost seem like you're just hanging out with your best friends and doing them favors you enjoy doing and that they are so appreciative to receive

💥The easy-peasy simple steps to developing your brand starting today minus being tied down by any confusing technology.  The truth is there are tons of ways you can market yourself effectively, so why not do it in a way that feels right for you?  Instead of being paralyzed by all of the guru noise out there.

Managing the Attractor Factor

💥How to scale with ease in a stress-free manner faster than you could have ever dreamed possible and still have plenty of time to have fun and enjoy life with your family and friends.

💥Learn the more advanced ways to scale with ease by offering group programs, masterminds, and memberships.  These are the real "scaling secrets" that will enable you to eventually earn in 1 month what your average person earns in a whole year (Hey, I'm not kidding!).

💥Learn the real secrets to scaling and wealth-building known by the richest business owners in the world.  Remember, they aren't necessarily more intelligent or more talented than you.  And they don't have more time than you (remember, everyone has the same 24 hours).  But the one thing they do possess is a well developed personal brand and a mindset dialed into abundance and during this challenge you're going to learn the foundations of both.


  • Any guilt, fear or shame about your past that you've held onto for the longest time will vanish into thin air.  Because we're gonna take all of the so-called messes in your life and transform them into inspirational messages that will naturally attract the clients you were born to work with.
  • You will gain crystal clear clarity on who it is you were meant to serve and more importantly who you were NOT meant to serve.  No longer will you take on a client "just because you need the money".  You will develop the confidence to say NO to those who know aren't a good fit for what you have to offer.
  • You'll learn my simple 3-step intuition based process for overcoming stress on those crazy busy days so you'll never have to worry about overwhelm ever again starting the day you learn it.
  • You'll learn how to trust your Higher Power to take care of those things that you don't have the time, energy or know-how to do yourself.  As a result, it'll be like a thousand pounds of pressure will have been lifted off of your shoulders and you'll have more confidence and energy to focus on your clients and serve them with joy.
  • You'll begin to experience the magic of clients coming to you (probably to the point where you might have to start turning them away) instead of having to go out and hunt them down yourself which can be so frustrating.  (And doesn't the word "hunt" just sound so icky and predatory?)
  • You'll sleep well every night (not just some nights but every night) knowing you can generate clients on demand minus having to resort to sleazy tactics or desperate measures.
  • You'll learn the secrets of personal branding that will enable you to grow your business to the point where it will seem like you're not working for a living anymore.  I know that sounds far-fetched but think about it...when you're operating from a place of joy every day serving those whom you love and loving what you do while making 6 figures a year or more doing it, are you really working?  Honestly, this is where I'm at in my life right now and I'd so much love for you to go through this transformation as well.
  • You'll say goodbye to the "I-have-to-do-this-in-order-to-grow-my -business" mentality forever.  NO, you don't.  You don't have to do anything you don't want to...especially if deep down inside your gut, it doesn't feel right to you.  You're going to learn how to grow your business using only those methods that resonate and are natural to you.
  • Finally, imagine having not just the money but the time to go on nice, long vacations with your family, friends or significant others.  This is what building a business based on YOU will allow you to have.  I've experienced it in my life and have seen it become a reality for many of my clients.

Paula, it sounds awesome but how much is this "Client Attractor Factor In 5 Days" Challenge going to cost?

Before I tell you how much this special training costs, I want you to know you'd pay upwards of between $1,000 to $3,000 a month to do private coaching with me to get the same benefits.

And at the normal group coaching rate, a program like this would usually sell for $397.00.

However, I know that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years...possibly in the history of mankind.  

And I am committed to doing my part to help you gear up and achieve abundance and wealth in 2021 and beyond.

So are you ready for this?  

My staff almost threw me off of a bridge when I told them how much I was gonna charge per person to participate in this challenge.

To join me and my gang for 5 full days of “Hearts-In & Hands-On” coaching, the price is....



(Click button to signup)

That's not a typo.

You read that right.

I'm doing this for free.

This is not going to cost you a single penny.

But I am going to ask for your sincere hearts-in and hands-on participation during the challenge.

Because I know that the only way to achieve a true transformation is to go ALL IN.

You only have one life to live.

So please, please, please don't be half-hearted about it.

BUT WAIT….I've got a question for you.

Are you feeling a bit more badass than usual?

If you are...

...then let me tell you about our VIP option.


In addition to the standard...

  • FB Live participation sessions with Paula
  • Materials to complete the daily challenges
  • Membership to our special, supportive FB community
  • Prizes and challenge rewards

As a VIP BadAss, you will also get…

  •  Bonus Coaching Calls During The Challenge For Additional Support. In addition to the amazing content and training during the challenge, VIPs will have the opportunity to participate in at least 3 additional calls and receive direct coaching as you work to obtain your business break- throughs.
  • Participation In The Zoom Room Live With Paula (and special guests) During The Challenge Training And Sessions. Be up close and personal with Paula and her team instead of being on the Facebook live stream with other challenge participants during the challenge training sessions.  You get early access to the material, your questions are noted and answered with preference from the chat box, you will overcome the issues of getting lost in the livestream comments, and you get to personally experience Paula’s amazing coaching and BadAssery, upfront and personal. Additionally, you will develop deeper relationships with the other VIPS, allowing you to grow your circle of high-end entrepreneur friends.
  • Lifetime Access To All The Materials, Videos And Slides To Use After The Challenge Ends.  The daily training and challenge materials will be available to all during the challenge week.  Thereafter, it will be taken down.  As a VIP you will receive all materials, videos from the training, all of the slides, bonus sessions and any other magic we create directly to your inbox.
  • Prizes And Challenge Rewards Only Provided To VIPS. Along with daily prizes offered to challenge participants, VIPS qualify for additional, special prizes and rewards such as strategy sessions, additional training videos, and other fun items.
  • Opportunity To Be A Featured Guest On The BadAssery Podcast. The BadAssery is Paula’s new podcast which celebrates the stories of how people (re)connect with their inner power and self- worth, transforming their life and now give back to the world.  As a VIP you and your story and business will be known to Paula and others, and you could be featured as a guest.


Your VIP price is only…


I want to be a VIP!

If you’re still hemming and hawing or feel like you want to take some time to “think about it”, I want to let you know you really have only two choices.


Make a positive decision to join this challenge and let me and my community show you how to scale your business and transform your life over 5 jam-packed, fun-filled and adventurous days.  



Close this page and try to carry on like you always have minus any accountability and minus any community.  

I’m not saying you can’t do it on your own but boy oh boy do I think it’s gonna be so much more difficult.


The truth is there are few things more powerful in this world that will help you achieve your dreams faster than plugging yourself into a community of like-minded folks…

...and being taught a proven process by a mega-experienced coach who believes in you and has had incredible success coaching others.

This would be you with a group of other badasses receiving powerful, personalized, and deep training over a period of 5 days about where you are now, where you want to go…

...and then together uncovering and demolishing everything and anything that is holding you back by leveraging what I call your "hidden treasures" which are those flaws, traumas and setbacks in your life that you've viewed negatively up until now.

And imagine the incredible friendships you will make that will last a lifetime!

The best way to understand the power of a challenge like this is to experience it firsthand.

And you can get started this very second by clicking HERE to register for FREE before the doors close and it's too late...

...OR treat yourself to a VIP experience for only $55.00 (highly recommended!).

The choice is now in your hands.  So make it count.

I hope to see you on the other side.

Paula Bohland

Master Business Growth Coach


This is a real CHALLENGE.   Getting the breakthroughs you really want for your business will require you to participate, team up with your fellow participants in a HUGE way and be full on HEART IN AND HANDS ON.

No lone rangers or sideline observers allowed! 

…you’re a “toe dipper” and not really sure you want to see amazing results in your business in a short time.
...you believe the only way to build your business and create significant wealth is to bust your butt and grind it out 12-18 hours a day.
...you are NOT open to changing your mindset and getting out of your comfort zone by trying new actions.
…your real motive is to join just so you can peddle your own services and are not really interested in being part of a supportive community of badass entrepreneurs.

Oh I almost forgot to mention this but for all of you who decided to invest in yourself by signing up for the $55.00 VIP package, keep in mind you risk NOTHING because I'm offering a...

That's right!

The "Become A Client Magnet In 5 Days" challenge comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.  You can do the whole challenge for the full 5 days and when we’re done, if you’re not happy with the results, just let me know and I’ll be happy to refund every penny of the bad ass $55.00 (VIP Price) you paid

However, to be honest with you.  I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen.  Why can I say that with such confidence?  Because I've never had anyone use it and to date, a good 90% of those who participate successfully either get clients during the challenge or get clients soon after. 

I have first-hand experience and know for a fact that once you tap into your intuition and adopt an abundance mindset, it will change your life for all time and forever much faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Therefore, if after the 5-Day Challenge you are not 100% satisfied, just email me at Paulabohlandcoaching@gmail.com and I will give you a complete refund.  Again, if you aren't happy, I just wouldn't feel right keeping your money.  So I make it easy to get a refund.

And just to be clear, there are absolutely no strings attached.  No forms to fill out and nothing to prove and I promise I won't question you.

And you won't have to wait. I'll process your refund within 24 hours of receiving your refund request at Paulabohlandcoaching@gmail.com. (Please be advised that depending on your bank it could take 3-5 business days to actually show up in your account.)

The truth is...I'm so confident in this challenge and so SURE you’ll be blown away by the results you achieve that I promise if you request a refund, you will receive 100% of your money back without question, hassle or delay.

If you have any questions or want more information please contact me at Paulabohlandcoaching@gmail.com.