PODCAST: The Bad Assery- Kim Rogers- The Pied Piper of Guatemala

Kim Rogers- The Pied Piper of Guatemala

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LINK: Kim Rogers- The Pied Piper of Guatemala | The Bad Assery (simplecast.com)


In Episode 4 of the Bad Assery, I interview Kim Rogers, who is often called the “Pied Piper of Guatemala” due to her passion for the country, its culture, and people (especially the children). 


Kim worked as a flight attendant as a young woman and encountered a woman on a flight who told her she was going to Guatemala because she loved the country and people.  She suggested that Kim do the same.  Kim did just that and fell in love with the country but then got married and raised a family in the USA as a “stay at home mom”.    

After a surprise divorce, Kim experienced a very heavy depression.  During the depression, she decided that she would reconnect with Guatemala and the passion she has for assisting children in becoming educated and coming out of poverty there.  That decision changed everything. With the vision of Guatemala guiding her,  Kim quickly recovered from the depression, started a nonprofit organization called Heart for Guatemala, returned to the country, and bought a home there.  

She returned to the US with the intent of getting a few items out of storage to take to her new home in Guatemala.  Covid closed the airports and she ended up homeless in the United States.  She made the best of it and traveled to Air B n B’s throughout the country all the while fundraising and speaking about Guatemala and growing awareness of the needs and beauty of Guatemala. 

Follow Kim’s incredible story and journey with me, while also hearing her tips for “living a 5-star life on a 2-star budget” that she learned while in the USA for 6 months waiting to return to Guatemala.




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