Do You Know Who Your 5 Star Client Is?

I received an email from one of my clients that reads, “All I want for Christmas is the secret formula to getting clients”.    I love this request, it’s the gift that keeps giving.  More clients equals using your talents and gifts in a meaningful way, opportunities to help more people and more money for you!  


Ok, so here is my gift- the formula:

1. Figure out who is your 5 -star client.  A 5- star client is one who exactly “fits” you and your style.  It’s an important thing to know your “avatar”, the demographics and pain points of who you want to serve. BUT when you add in the shizzizzle of serving someone who is a perfect FIT for you and your style, it will rock both of your worlds with fun, eagerness and ease. 

  • Make a list of the 20-25 traits that qualifies someone as your 5- star connection.  Then list the 20 qualities that you bring to this relationship.  Envision the qualities matching up and feel how good that feels, bask in it.  Think about them often like you would when you start a new dating relationship (yes, feel that giddy, happy feeling of being with someone who likes you back A LOT..because your 5 -star client will love you back). 

2. Take action every day to connect with these amazing people.   Yes, every day. This is where you may be missing out. If you are confused about or dislike “marketing” you are probably doing it occasionally.  Throw out the word “Marketing.  Instead, fall in love with purposefully, intently thinking about, and connecting with the amazing people you want to help (think of what you do when you are in a new “love interest”/dating relationship). 

  • Time block at least 3 hours a day to work on connecting with your amazing 5 stars in ways that make sense to you. Set the time up in your calendar, blocking it from other activities and distractions.  There is surely a lot of noise out there about “how to market”.  Take what you like, what feels right, keep it simple, and leave the rest.  
  • Mix it up.  Three or more hours a day may seem like a lot of time.  You can work on different modalities of connecting for 30 minutes at a time, switching what you do (for instance writing emails, then making fun posts, then finding podcasts to be featured on, spending 30 mins on each activity).
  • Enjoy yourself. This is your life and you have the right to enjoy it!  Connect in a way that is fun. You will actually do the activity and be better at it if you enjoy it and have fun. If you like creating videos and going “live”, use them as your activity to connect with the 5 stars. If you like writing, do a blog, emails and other written activities.  Since you are putting out a signal to the 5 stars who “fit” with you, they will enjoy what you enjoy.
  • Make it a habit.  Our brains like habits, at first you will be establishing a habit so it will take intention and then will become natural.  Engage the 3 hours of 5 -star client attraction activities during the same time block every day (preferably in the morning when you are “fresh”). 

Use this gift, you have the formula.  Go have fun and take action and connect with your 5 -star clients today. 


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