What are Your Intentions?

It’s time to reboot. Let’s reboot fully. Instead of goals, set intentions.

Intentions are similar to goals but better. They are less restrictive and allow for flexibility and learning. Intentions are also immediate. Often when you set a goal, it is followed by a statement in the future (“I will release 30 pounds by May”). Your brain reads those future dates and can interpret it to mean “some day” and often forgets them.

A statement of intention calls up inspiration, immediate knowledge, and resources ignite your brain, starts your engines and provides a connection with a decision to get what you want.

Here’s what you do:

1) Make a list of intention statements, the more specific you can make them the better and it helps to have a “so that” statement following the intention:

In 2020, I intend to obtain 100K in income so that I can travel more, pay off all my debt, and quit my day job.
I intend to start a new business (insert type of business) so that I can fulfill my purpose and desire of helping others find meaning in the world.I intend to meditate daily so that I find inner peace and joy no matter what is happening in the outside world.

2) Read the statements over (once daily at least), when a feeling of inspiration and energy hits you, go take action towards one or more of the intention statements.

3) Write or print out your intention list and post it where you will see it daily (I have mine on my refrigerator because I visit that place often).

Now, get back to expecting and experiencing the MOST AMAZING 2020 EVER! If you need help or want to talk through this, feel free to set up a FREE 45-Minute Strategy Session with me. It's free and I PROMISE you will work less, make more money, and love your life more after the session!

Fired up again,
Paula Bohland, Master Business Coach
AKA Effortless Prosperity Facilitator


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