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10 Tips To Be Successful

Copy of Successful people are simply those with successful habits-Brian Tracy (1)

You have to take the stairs and work hard for what you want in life. Success is not found without effort and determination.

I've been there. You're working your butt off, but you can't seem to get anywhere. You feel like all of your hard work is for absolutely nothing because it's not paying off in the way you want it to be. Well, I'm here to tell you that this doesn't have to be the case! Some ways will help propel your career forward and make sure that success is within reach.

You might be r…

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PODCAST: The Bad Assery- Kim Rogers- The Pied Piper of Guatemala

Kim Rogers- The Pied Piper of Guatemala

PB Podcast

LINK: Kim Rogers- The Pied Piper of Guatemala | The Bad Assery (


In Episode 4 of the Bad Assery, I interview Kim Rogers, who is often called the “Pied Piper of Guatemala” due to her passion for the country, its culture, and people (especially the children). 


Kim worked as a flight attendant as a young woman and encountered a woman on a flight who told her she was going to Guatemala because she lov…

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PODCAST: The Bad Assery- Pattie Grimm- Lets Go Kick Some Glass

The Bad Assery PODCAST! 

Are you a badass? Do you need more inspiration? Are you feeling powerful? The Bad Assery is an inspiring, fun and entertaining interview podcast featuring bad ass, heart centered business people, best selling authors, thought leaders, and influential people who have faced struggles and have turned them around to take back their own power while also changing the world.



Pattie has worked in corporate settings most of her adult life, achieving si…

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Do You Know Who Your 5 Star Client Is?

I received an email from one of my clients that reads, “All I want for Christmas is the secret formula to getting clients”.    I love this request, it’s the gift that keeps giving.  More clients equals using your talents and gifts in a meaningful way, opportunities to help more people and more money for you!  


Ok, so here is my gift- the formula:

1. Figure out who is your 5 -star client.  A 5- star client is one who exactly “fits” you and your style.  It’s an important thing to know your “av…

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What are Your Intentions?

It’s time to reboot. Let’s reboot fully. Instead of goals, set intentions.

Intentions are similar to goals but better. They are less restrictive and allow for flexibility and learning. Intentions are also immediate. Often when you set a goal, it is followed by a statement in the future (“I will release 30 pounds by May”). Your brain reads those future dates and can interpret it to mean “some day” and often forgets them.

A statement of intention calls up inspiration, immediate knowledge, and re…

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