Paula Bohland, Master Business Coach

Why Teaching My Clients To
Tap Into Their Intuition And
Adopt An Abundance Mindset
Results In 90% Of Them
Firing Their Bosses And Then
Doubling (or even tripling) Their Income

Doing Something They Love
In 60 Days Or Less
With Practically Zero Stress And Much Less Effort Than They Ever Dreamed Possible

Hi there!  My name is Paula Bohland.  I'm a certified Business Growth Coach and I help frustrated female professionals who have lost meaning in their lives and careers get reconnected to their true selves and…

...easily transition into making a ton of money doing something connected to their passions and purpose much, much better than traditional goal-setting systems or hardcore "Do Or Die!" motivational coaches EVEN IF…

..they've completely lost their spark in life or have given up hope that it's even possible to turn their lives around anymore.


Two years ago, I found myself… a job I hated surrounded by high-powered male executives where everything with them was always a damn ego-driven pissing contest. a really bad marriage relationship.

...on the verge of declaring bankruptcy and about to lose my house.

...driving a car that was falling apart and could go no farther than 3 miles before completely sputtering to a stop.

...feeling completely hopeless because I'm an "older" person and thinking because I'm not young anymore, it was too late to turn my life around and that I'd just have to accept that this was my lot in life.


Feeling desperate and knowing I needed to make a change, I made the decision to become certified as a coach because I saw a good fit with my previous consulting background.  

However, even after getting certified, nothing changed.  I was still broke and a coach without clients.

Well, what happened next was a godsend.  

I came across another program for coaches that taught its students not only how to find clients but also how to go inside, use one's intuition and adopt an abundance mindset to achieve results fast.

I watched the video for the program and said to myself...this really resonates with me.  

I can do this!  

So I borrowed money from my sister (yes, I was that frickin' broke) and dove headfirst into what I later found out was one of the world's foremost and cutting edge transformational coaching programs.

Long story short, I was able to change my mindset from one of scarcity to unlimited abundance and as a result was able to completely turn my life around within one year!  

I now make more money than I ever thought possible doing what I love, have passion and deep fulfillment in my life and am currently training nine other coaches.


If you decide to let me be your coach and mentor, I will teach you how to tap into your intuition, discover your unique gifts and talents and then... 


...completely turn your life around by successfully transitioning into earning BIG money doing something you love and it won't take much longer than 6-months.


"...a dynamic and results-oriented life coach!"
"Paula Bohland is a dynamic and results-oriented life coach! She is able to adjust messages so they make sense to the individual she is coaching. I like her analogies that make you think about your situation in new and different ways. She doesn't "tell" you what to do, but rather gives you tools, thoughts, and exercises that allow you to figure out your own best outcomes. I'd highly recommend Paula to anyone who feels that they are searching in life, or wants to start a business, or is just looking to make positive changes in their world."
Donna D. Winrich-Sales Executive


" life went into hyper-speed, and that which I only dreamed about has now began to manifest"
"I wanted to take a moment and share with you all the Joy and benefit of the coaching I have received from Paula in the last several months. Much like many of you I thought I didn't need a coach for my life, maybe one for sports but never for something as important as "my lIfe". After making the decision and commitment to go ahead and have Paula coach me, let's just say my life went into hyper-speed, and that which I only dreamed about has now began to manifest. Her passion and her focus on making me the best I can be is truly making me the best I can be so that I can bless others."
Paul Peters, CEO

"...leaves you feeling positive knowing that anything is possible."
"Paula Bohland knows how to keep you engaged and excited about life. Her coaching allows you to gain clarity of direction. She encourages you to maintain a successful mindset and leaves you feeling positive knowing that anything is possible. I have progressed greatly within a short period of time. I am grateful for the lessons that I have learned and am excited about the future!"
Janine K Rhodes-Filmmaker




-YOU WILL LEARN TO GET CONNECTED TO YOUR INTUITION SO YOU CAN CREATE ABUNDANCE FAST!  I'm going to teach you how to forget about the world's logic and what most people think is "realistic" so you can achieve results faster than you ever dreamed possible.  The truth is most of my clients double or even triple their income within the first 30-60 days of working with me (I'm NOT kidding).


-YOU WILL GAIN CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY ABOUT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT IN YOUR LIFE AND THE VERY NEXT STEP TO BEGIN ACHIEVING IT EVEN IF YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA  AT THE MOMENT Clarity is a super power and most people don't have it.  Once you gain razor sharp clarity through my coaching, you'll be able to move forward and begin manifesting your desires and dreams so quickly and easily, you'll be astonished.


-YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO ACT OUT OF PEACE AND INSPIRATION INSTEAD OF THE GRIND OR DESPERATION You're going to learn how to throw away that stressful and nerve-wracking entrepreneurial myth that says you have to bust your butt and work 24 hours a day/7 days a week in order to get results.  With my coaching, instead of waking up with a feeling of dread and darkness because of the countless things you have on your to-do list (a result of traditional coaching), you'll wake up with a sense of joy, creativity, and a happy urge to get your day started.


-YOU WILL LEARN TO SHIFT YOUR FOCUS FROM THE THINGS YOU DON'T WANT TO THE THINGS YOU DO WANT It's a proven principle that whatever you focus on in your life expands.  So when you make this mindset shift, you instantly allow your desires and other exciting new opportunities to begin naturally flowing into your life (You'll be amazed at how darn quick this happens!).


=YOU WILL TRANSFORM YOUR MINDSET AND AS A RESULT YOUR LIFE IN ONLY A FEW SHORT MONTHS EVEN IF YOU'VE BEEN STRUGGLING TO MAKE POSITIVE CHANGES YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE UP UNTIL NOW Finally, finally...the despair and self-doubt you've harbored ever since you can remember will be replaced by hope and a deep-seated confidence that you really do possess the power and freedom to change and direct your future in any direction you want to no matter what life throws at you. 


-YOU WILL LEARN A REVOLUTIONARY NEW TECHNIQUE TO ELIMINATE ANY FEAR AND DOUBT USUALLY WITHIN 1 HOUR AND AS A RESULT TRANSFORM YOUR ENTIRE LIFE IN 6 MONTHS Any and all feelings of hopelessness and despair you have harbored up until now will be a thing of the past forever.  The same fears and doubts will NEVER resurface again.  That's a promise!  And in their place will be a renewed sense of hope and joy that will just keep getting better and better and stronger and stronger.  (This technique is something I personally use and I can testify it's the closest thing to a miracle I've ever experienced in my life.)


Common blocks I have demolished in clients are…


-fears about how much money they can really make (a lot of folks decide to be “realistic” and as a result, they end up playing small when they could be making so much more money doing something they love without having to work harder.  In fact, a lot of times, you can actually make more working less!  How’s that for a success formula?)

-fears about leaving your job so you can move on to something so much bigger and better in your life (if you find yourself making excuses about why you should stay in your current situation, you could have this block.)

-feeling stuck because you’re in a bad relationship or are constantly surrounded by negative people who keep you down.

-terrified of entering the dating scene again (this is a huge one and much more common than you'd think).

-feeling stuck because you’ve hit your income goal and are already making good money which is great but you want to take it to the next level.  It’s like you're now dealing with this subconscious income ceiling that’s telling you can only make this much and no more.  


-YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO MAKE MORE MONEY WHILE WORKING LESS Say goodbye to 80, 60 or even 40 hour work weeks forever!  You'll be able to spend more quality time with your family and loved ones, have the time to read all the books you've been wanting to read, watch all the movies you've been wanting to see...or just finally have the time to pursue all of those personal passion projects you've always wanted to do but have kept on the shelf for just too darn long now.

-YOU WILL PROBABLY DOUBLE YOUR INCOME WITHIN 30 DAYS OF US WORKING TOGETHER I'll be the first to admit that sounds a little far fetched and I'm not making any income guarantees here.  In fact, I was even debating whether I should say this for fear you would think I'm just exaggerating or worse telling you a bold outright lie.  But nope, I decided to tell you the truth and not hide anything.  And the honest-to-God truth is that most of my clients actually triple their income within 30-60 days of working with me which means there's a good chance you could do the same thing too.  A perfect case in point is that I recently helped one CEO client go from about $200,000 a year to 4 million dollars in one year (Yup.  You read that right.  That's the number 4 followed by 6 zeroes).  And he's looking at doing seven million dollars next year.  

Everything Begins With A 100% Free No-Pressure And No-Obligation 45-Minute Strategy Session



Click HERE to sign up for your absolutely no-pressure and no-obligation 100% free 45-minute strategy session.  As soon as you register your email address, you will be directed to fill-out a quick mini-questionnaire that will ask you some basic questions such as whether you've received coaching before, what you're looking to change in your life and what your biggest challenges are at the moment, etc. (Filling out this questionnaire should only take about 5-10 minutes).

After filling out the mini-questionnaire, you will be prompted to select one specific day and time that is convenient for you to have your strategy session.

We do a 45-minute strategy session together to uncover the major blocks that are stopping you from moving forward in your life and to decide whether or not I can help you take your life to the next level.  If I decide we'll be a great fit, I'll suggest you invest in one of my one-on-one coaching packages (the most basic coaching package starts from 6 months).

Finally, after our session, If you decide to make that positive, bold and life-changing decision to be coached by me, we'll set up a coaching schedule and the date and time for your first consultation.  And that's it!  Congratulations...because you'll be on your way to changing your life in ways that looking back 6 months from now would have been unimaginable.

If you're on the fence about booking a free strategy session with me, I need to ask you an honest question.  

What is your intuition telling you?  

I'm talking about that little small voice inside of you.  

What is it saying to you?

If you're not happy with your life and where you are, if you feel miserable, I want to let you know the very second you make the commitment, it changes EVERYTHING!  

The battle is DONE!

When you finally put your foot down, make a decision and declare..."I'm doing this!"   

"I'm gonna change my life!"  

"This is what I want!"  

Once you make that decision, things begin to change IMMEDIATELY and you'll instantly begin to see the world differently from that point on.

However, if you wait until tomorrow, you'll fall back into your usual habitual thought patterns and actions (the very same patterns and actions that have resulted in the life you're living now) and you'll just be in the same place you were a week...a month...a year later from now if you wait until tomorrow.  

Is that what you want?  

If not, you have to make the commitment. 

Once you make the commitment, everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) will change.  

Trust me.  

It's like magic.  

It's like unseen forces in the heavens start working for you.  

This is something I've personally experienced.

But in order for all that to happen, you have to take that first baby step towards making a commitment.  

And you can do that this very second by clicking HERE to book a no-pressure and no-obligation 100% free 45-minute Strategy Session with me.

"Come on Paula.  I can get the same information and the same results from just buying a $10 book instead of investing a ton of money on coaching"


Honestly, just between you and me, haven't you already spent a small fortune on self-help books and online courses?

The truth is if those books had gotten you the results you wanted, you wouldn't even be reading this right now, would you?

Books are great but there's no substitute for one-on-one personalized coaching from someone who has walked in your shoes and then went on to achieve big-time abundance in her life.

That's right.

The truth is there is nothing more powerful in this world that will help you achieve your dreams faster than having a coach.  

This would be you and I having powerful, personalized, and deep conversations on a weekly basis about where you are in your life now, where you want to go and then together uncovering and demolishing everything and anything that is holding you back.

The best way to understand the power of deep coaching is to experience it...and you can get started this very second by clicking HERE to book a free strategy session with me.

To recap, I would encourage you to book a Strategy Session with me right NOW if hate your fricking' job (and your life) and want to make changes fast (like lightning fast!). just can't imagine continuing on in your current situation (whatever it may be) for the next 5 or 10 years of your life.'ve been thinking about starting your own business based on your own unique talents and passions for quite some time now but just have no idea what practical steps are needed to get started.'ve just started a business and want coaching to successfully get it off the ground OR you've been running your own business for a while but feel stuck and want to explode it to the next level.'ve already read a ton of self-help books and spent a ton of money on online courses with the results being mediocre at best. don't feel connected to your passion and purpose in life and deep down inside just know you were meant for so much more.'re sick and tired of all of the traditional and super stressful goal-setting advice being promoted out there that tells you if you want to succeed in life you have to kill yourself working 24 hours a day/7 days a week. are surrounded by and feel held back by negative people in your life who deep down inside really don't want you to succeed  (in many cases, this could be your own family members).

On the other hand, my coaching would NOT be for you if…'re not willing to empty your cup and change your mindset so you can begin taking inspired action.  Remember, if you want your life to change, you're going to have to change some things in your life.  I'm going to be with you every step of the way but it's not going to be 100% effortless.  In fact, I wouldn't trust any program that promises amazing results with zero effort. don't understand the importance of investing in yourself so you can achieve exponential results in your life.  Every successful person in the world understands the concept of having some skin in the game by investing their own hard-earned money and time to get a 3X or even 10X return.  (I myself, have invested over $100,000 in myself this year.  I’m not saying you have to invest that much or even a fraction of that amount but it’s important to have a mindset that focuses on growth and abundance instead of scarcity and limitation.)'re looking for more of a drill sergeant who holds to the idea that you have to bust your butt 24 hours a day 7 days a week in order to achieve results.  I'm here to tell you that's absolutely NOT true and there's a better and much more fulfilling way to make all of your dreams come true.  But you're going to have to exercise a little faith and be open to letting go of the reins of your old ways of thinking and doing things.


After your free Strategy Session, if you make a positive decision to invest in yourself and sign up for one-on-one coaching with me, EVERYTHING I have will be yours!  

This means you'll have VIP access to all of my groups classes, future events, online trainings and masterminds.


...I have to let you know…

...given the high quality and very intimate level of coaching I provide, there is unfortunately a limited number of new clients I can take on every couple of months (as of this writing, I'm currently coaching 11 clients and training 9 other coaches).

If you're seeing this page right now, that means it's still not too late to lock your spot in for a free Strategy Session. 

The truth is I can't say for sure how long I'll have availability.  

But why wait?  

This is your chance to get a complimentary Strategy Session and then possibly partner with a certified Business Growth Coach whose coaching has proven to be so effective that most of my clients have literally doubled their income within 60 days. 

Click HERE now and together let's start to turn your life around.

The time is only going to pass anyway.

I’ll be waiting for you on the other side.


My coaching comes with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.  You will be happy and more than confident that my coaching will enable you to achieve what you want in your life with so much ease, it will be jaw-dropping astounding OR I don't want your money.

However, to be honest with you.  I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen.  Why can I say that with such confidence?  Because I've never had anyone use it and to date, a good 90% of my clients doubled (and tripled) their income in the first 90 days of working with me.

I take your life goals and dreams very seriously and you have my personal promise that I will be with you every step of the way until you are amazed by the results of my coaching.  I have first-hand experience and know for a fact that once you tap into your intuition and adopt an abundance mindset, it will change your life for all time and forever much faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Therefore, if at any time during the first 30 days you decide my intuition-based coaching tailored to your unique life situation isn't going to transform your life in the way you want it to, just email me at and I will give you a complete refund.  Again, if you aren't happy, I just wouldn't feel right keeping your money.  So I make it easy to get a refund.

And just to be clear, there are absolutely no strings attached.  No forms to fill out and nothing to prove and I promise I won't question you.

And you won't have to wait. I'll process your refund within 24 hours of receiving your refund request at be advised that depending on your bank it could take 3-5 business days to actually show up in your account.)

The truth is...I'm so confident in my coaching and so SURE you’ll be blown away by the results you achieve that I promise if you request a refund, you will receive 100% of your first month's coaching fee back without question, hassle or delay.