Paula Bohland, Master Business Coach

Hi, I'm Coach Paula

Having faced many challenges in my own life, such as overcoming extreme poverty, as well as re-working a very negative mindset and habit of “overdoing,” I became increasingly committed to helping others do the same. I went on to earn a Master’s degree in Social Work, and now am a Master Mindset and Business coach. 

I use my coaching skills to help people with long-standing issues in regards to finances turn their yearly salary into their monthly income. I do this by helping them break free of the scarcity mindset that has been limiting them.

I also help organizations and individuals, such as CEO's and other entrepreneurs, get clear on their passions and purpose. In helping people gain clarity on what they really want, whether it be in relation to their personal life, business goals, or the overall vision of their company, I am able to assist in the necessary steps of achieving these big-picture goals.

I know from experience that one of the major obstacles in obtaining our greatest goals and visions is getting stuck in previously programmed paradigms - or thought patterns - that affect and inhibit behavior and habits, keeping us from getting what we truly desire. 

Having examined and broken through some of the paradigms in my own life has given me great ability in guiding others to break, or shift, the paradigms that stand in the way of their success.

One BIG paradigm for most people is feeling like they don’t deserve what they truly want. I work first to help people find that foundation.

I am an expert at assisting people, organizations, teams and companies to become aware of these paradigms, and then reprogram, or blast them, so goals are achieved in a short period of time - usually within 90 days. 

My clients earn anywhere from 2-10x their previous income, all while working less and feeling more joy in life, which in turn gives me great joy as well.

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